Round up the usual suspects, please

Harmony in action-

Collateral Damage was formed in 2001 in Richmond, VA by Casey McCue and Herb Curlee, two long time friends and musicians who have played together in various bands for over twenty years and who believe that it's not necessary to specialize in one narrow genre.  Collateral Damage is based on the belief that one band can indeed do everything from acoustic Crosby, Stills, & Nash to Creedence to Mellencamp to Grateful Dead to Rolling Stones and also have a heck of a good time doing it!   Here's who we are:


Casey McCue

A native of Urbanna, VA, Casey McCue has lived in the Richmond area since finishing JMU in 1979.  An active member of the River City’s music scene, Casey's roots go back to stints as a drummer/vocalist in the Richmond bands Side Pocket, Premier, Midlife Crisis and The Bullets in the 1980's and ‘90s.  Casey is also a powerful guitarist and singer who has a strong affection for the genre of Pure Prairie League and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, as well as Buffett, Mellencamp, Beatles, Prine, Eagles, and James Taylor.  A senior executive in real life, Casey is the Master of the "Stump the Band" challenge and loves chilled tequila, sailboats, and good guitars.


Herb Curlee

Herb Curlee  is a thirty year Richmond native with roots in local bands in Richmond and at UVA back to the 1970's.  An erstwhile  member of the current Richmond ensemble Michael James & The Actual Facts, Herb has brought his bass, vocal, and guitar skills to Collateral Damage.  Known as "Fast Eddie" for his bass playing, Herb is fond of observing, "You can relax now, the talent's here", to which Casey normally makes a scathing remark........  President of a local software firm in real life, Herb takes very little seriously, including himself.



The Usual Suspects - pictures

Casey's first guitar lesson


First Collateral Damage concert

And now, the real culprits

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