The Further Adventures of Fingers and The Fast


Since last we left our heroes in mid-2003, they've been  busily engaged in new projects a thousand miles apart, spiced up with the occasional Collateral Damage reunion gig in both Virginia and Florida. 



Fingers formed the Casey McCue and Steve Duncan duo which has become a fixture in the Central Virginia music scene.  Steve, who has played with the Byrds and the Desert Rose Band, introduced Casey to Chris Hillman and Herb Pederson

More on Casey & Steve coming soon!



Fast became part of The Friends of Dave, a local Jacksonville group who released a blues CD Last Train to Jacksonville in late 2006.  Featured on that CD were the vocals of his daughter, Kelly Bond, who received excellent reviews.  The Friends of Dave also featured the vocals of J.B. Berry, who attended UVA some thirty years after Fast graduated and was heard to remark, "Most of the venues you played at UVA burned down before I was born....".


Click to download tunes off the Last Train to Jacksonville CD:

Are You Lonely For Me Baby?

Aint No Midnight Train

25 Miles to Go

When the Time is Right



Following The Friends of Dave recording sessions, the core of the FOD hooked up with Jim Hilburt, a talented singer and guitarist from Philadelphia, to form Jacksonville dance band Magoo & The Crew, named as a tribute to Fast's excellent vision.  Members of Magoo included Mike Calender, Jim Hilburt, Herb Curlee, Jason Roy, and Dave Bahn.




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