Christmas in Paradise

The New Christmas CD from

Blind Lemon Jefferson

Check out the new Christmas CD from Blind Lemon Jefferson! 

Tasteful Christmas jazz and blues powered by the vocals of Jessica McCormack and Kelly Bond and the smooth sounds of the rest of the group, these tunes will help make your Christmas a warm and memorable experience.






Click below to download mp3 copies of the CD tunes:


The Christmas Song (Chestnuts)

P.S. I Love You

Merry Christmas Darling

Christmas Time Is Here

Merry Christmas, Baby


We had a blast recording this CD and hope you enjoy it.    More pictures are below - new recordings coming sometime in 2011.... watch the skies!






Blind Lemon Jefferson is:

Herb Curlee                     bass, guitars, vocals

Will Hurley                       keyboards, vocals

Jessica McCormack         vocals

Kelly Bond                      vocals

Mike Calender                 guitars, trumpet

Jason Roy                        percussion  



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